About Ctrip

Founded in 1999, Ctrip is the world’s second most valuable online travel service enterprise.
Ctrip provides over 300 million registered members with comprehensive services including hotel reservations, flight ticketing,
package tours, corporate travel management, train ticket and dining reservations.

Demand Analysis

Online travel service is so complex that it involves many aspects such as flight ticket search, travel management, airport transportation, transfer, group and individual tourism, etc. Each of these behavior generates demand for data such as flight status, weather, on-time performance, and flight amenities.

Our Solution

Since 2012, Ctrip has been working with Airsavvi closely in terms of aviation data solutions. We developed diversified solutions to meet demands for different product lines and markets of Ctrip. With the seamless integration of our data into Ctip’s platforms, users who want to book a flight on Ctrip platforms can find rich flight information on aircraft type, OTP rate, seat, and other amenities. When the status of a flight changes, Ctrip push notifications powered by Airsavvi will be a valuable reference for the passenger to reschedule his or her journey.


Our solution grows with our customers. Airsavvi is flexible in designing solutions for customers of different stages. With our support, Ctrip can not only provide trustworthy travel data for its users, but also creates an optimized travel experience and become more competitive in setting a higher quality standard for the travel industry.