A company that serves disrupted air travelers

As a technology startup based in Los Angeles, Service Technologies, is a company serving air travelers who experienced flight
disruptions with innovative technology. It helps tens of thousands of passengers per month get compensation for delayed or
cancelled flights and can retrieve an average of $300 for a passenger for flight delays each year.

What’s needed for a successful flight compensation?

Traditionally, compensations for delayed or cancelled flights are often claimed by an air traveler with the involved airline. In order to get the compensation, the traveler has to record what was wrong with his/her flight and the details and circumstances of the flight delay or cancellation, including time information. However, such information is often not accessible to ordinary travelers, and therefore, many compensations are either neglected by eligible travelers or rejected by airlines.

What’s the solution?

Airsavvi offers a solution which includes live flight status push and historical flight status verification, the former covering scheduled time for departure & arrival, actual time for departure & arrival, and any disruptive changes in status like diversion, return, or cancellation, while the latter recording time information for any discrepancies between the scheduled and actual flight which dates back to as long as 1 year.

From knowing data to understanding data

As an aviation data specialist monitoring flight status for over 94% of global commercial flights, Airsavvi understands better than anyone else what type of data are needed and how the data should be applied for a new business scenario. By having worked with businesses of different sizes and stages and from varied sectors, we can easily identify the potential of aviation data in driving a successful business.